Scott Burnett

Outreach Canada

Scott served for many years as a missionary with North America Indian Mission (NAIM Ministries) working with First Nations people in Merritt and Vancouver. He then served a number of years at Mountainview Alliance Church in Langley, first as associate pastor and then as their senior pastor.

Scott joined Corporate Chaplains Outreach Canada in 2007 and, along with a team of chaplains, serves several companies in the Lower Mainland. Scott’s years of working cross culturally in both rural and urban settings prepared him to serve in the multi faith and multi-cultural settings of the BC workplace.

He is married to Sondra and they have four grown daughters, all of them married. His hobbies are: spending time with his wife, family and his eleven grandchildren, exercising, gardening and reading.

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“Big Dream” prayer request: That we would be able to serve companies in every major city and all the provinces of Canada within the next five years. Currently we serve companies in BC, Alberta and Ontario.