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We exist to know Jesus and make Him known.

We meet at theCLOVA Theatre in historic Downtown Cloverdale at 9 & 10:45.

Live Stream Changes

How we're making the Sunday live stream available is changing.


We’re grateful for the live stream and what it allowed us to do through the last couple of years. We have, however, reached a point where making it widely available, live on Sundays, is no longer necessary.

We recognize that there are times when attending in-person is not possible. What we have found, however, is that the number of individuals taking advantage of the LIVE aspect of the live stream is quite small. Most people who are unable to attend in-person gatherings end up watching later, or “On Demand,” as we say in the biz.

Beginning April 23, the Sunday live stream will be by request only. The request form will be made available on the events page on the website, and on the Church Center app at 9:00am every Wednesday for the following Sunday (and will close at 10:45am Sunday). At this time it will not be possible to request access more than a week in advance.

Audio and video recordings of the gatherings will still be available, but not until later on Sunday for the sermon audio/podcast, and Monday or Tuesday for the video.

If you have any questions about this, please contact andy@crossridge.church

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