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Shaped by the Word

Whether you’ve never studied the Bible before…

…or you’re a seasoned student of scripture, you’re welcome here!  Join us as we learn to be men and women shaped by the Word of God, desiring to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

Our studies are designed to help you understand the message of scripture- in its original context and to its original audience.  By engaging in this way, we believe we are better equipped as Jesus’ followers to apply the Bible to life every day.

Our Summer Reading Plan/Devotional will be kicking off the mid July 2022. Info and downloads can be found below.

Summer 2022 Reading Plan/Devotional

Did you know that out of 404 verses in the book of Revelation, 278 reference or allude to the Old Testament? It seems that in order to better understand what Revelation intends to reveal, we need familiarity with these Old Testament passages!

This summer, join us in a 6 week Devotional Reading Plan designed to introduce us to the book of Revelation and prepare us for deeper study this Fall. We’ll spend two weeks simply reading through the book, then for the rest of the summer we’ll read some of the Old Testament passages that shape John’s themes and imagery.

We’ll read, reflect and journal. We’ll pray thoughtfully, regularly and repetitively the words of Revelation. Each week contains 5 passages and 5 questions you can sit with at your own pace. Let these passages open your eyes, ears and imagination to begin to see what it is this book seeks to reveal. May you worship with the richness of Revelation, and find yourself encouraged and emboldened to follow the Lamb wherever he goes!

Pick up a copy at the Connect Desk beginning July 10,

or Click Here to download a PDF version.


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