Ben and Renee Kuwitzky have served in Jos, Nigeria since 2014. They work alongside Nigerian translators from among the 300 Nigerian languages that are still without Scripture. Ultimately, their desire is to see lives transformed in this country as people hear about Jesus through the Bible in their own languages.

“Big Dream” prayer: Between 2014 and 2017, Ben worked on a relatively new New Testament translation into the language of the Akurumi people. The Akurumi translators were very competent and eager. He helped them to check Luke and Acts, and the project had a lot of momentum. Then, rather suddenly their funding was pulled. In the last two years, the project has been able to do very little. Ben has tried to help them find other ways for the project to move forward, but they are really struggling. Please pray that God would open the doors again for this project to continue. They have the desire, and Ben wants to invest in this work with them, but they simply cannot continue until God does a miracle

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