Andrew Quinn

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Andrew has been around Child Evangelism Fellowship for his whole life, as his parents were also involved in the ministry of CEF. Andrew started in kid’s ministry at the age of 13 and has continued to teach children and youth ever since. He has been with CEF BC for the last 10 years, where he has a chance to minister to youth and young adults, and often to reach their parents and families through them. He now serves as the provincial director for CEF in BC. Andrew has a passion to see believers living out the Gospel in everyday life and reaching their communities; CEF is one way that he is able to pursue that goal. The primary outreach tools used are Good News Clubs during the school year, and 5-day clubs during the summer.

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Big Dream Prayer: The biggest issue that Andrew faces is a lack of workers. He is currently helping to assess whether CEF should pursue more staff, or seek to work increasingly through local volunteers. In either case, the prayer here is that God would work in a powerful way such that there is an abundance of workers to go out and minister, rather than having a lack.