You may have heard that we’ve started the process of renovating the space we use for CRKids Sundays (aka “theSQUARE”). If not…well…we’ve started the process of reno…you get it.

As a result, for the months of June, July, and August, CRKids Sundays will be on hiatus. We’re looking forward to having a great new space for our kids to learn more about Jesus and have a great time with their friends and teachers.

In the meantime, we’ve set up the “CRKids Corner” in the lobby. This is a place for you and your kids to connect with people from our CRKids team, grab activity packs to use during the sermon, as well as books and toys to use in the lobby if your little one needs to move around (and maybe make some noise).

And if you need some help…please ask! We’d love to hold your baby, play with your child, or keep an eye on one while you change the diaper of another.

If you have any questions about CRKids stuff through the summer, please reach out to

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